"Every day of our lives we make deposits
in our children's memory bank."
Charles R. Swindoll

Grădinița Manpel

Information about Manpel Kindergarten

      Kindergarten with Extended Program "Manpel" Târgu Mureș is a kindergarten with an educational concept that combines traditional methods with modern ones, children having interactive development activities, with special attention to differentiation in the formation of individual skills.



Activities involving preschoolers from Manpel Kindergarten.

Baza materială

Material basis

The kindergarten is completely rehabilitated. The group rooms are spacious, bright and warm, equipped with furniture for the age and requirements of preschoolers.

Ofertă educațională

Educational offer

The program includes all existing activities within the organizational structure of kindergarten, designed to promote and stimulate children's development.

Vision and mission

Viziune Grădinița Manpel


      Our kindergarten aims to provide the child with education in an environment where he feels loved and protected, to train educated children, independent, sociable, easily adaptable to the permanent transformations of society. It is the place where the child finds his first friends, where he discovers the world at play, where he learns to win, where he rejoices that he returns every day.

Misiune Grădinița Manpel


    Applying, within the education provider, a quality policy, which aims to meet the requirements of beneficiaries, employees and traditional partners of the school, attracting parents through attractive educational offers and compliance with quality standards in all areas of activity , ensuring and optimizing human and material resources, competence and motivation of staff, good internal management and a permanent concern for improving the effectiveness of the quality management system of education.

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Grădinița Manpel

Manpel Kindergarten


Str. Constantin Romanu-Vivu Nr. 2

Târgu Mureș


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